How to help?

We are aware that our project is ambitious. However, in Sancho de Beurko we are convinced that with your help everything can be accomplished. We believe that the Basque (diaspora) community may be interested in getting involved as this project is a substantial part of our common history. In this preproduction phase we are still studying the most appropriate financing mode. Consequently, we will announce it soon.

For now, you can help by sharing the news about the documentary and our research, the “Fighting Basques Project”; by liking and sharing our Facebook page to your wall or blog; and by writing to the Sancho de Beurko Association email with new information on Basques who served in the US Armed Forces during WWII. We will also be very grateful to learn about new personal stories on Basques who served with the USMC, Army, Air Forces, Navy and Coast Guard.
  • Basques in the US Marine Corps

  • Iwo Jima mount Suribachi

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